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About the Book

Math Overboard! is a complete review of school math, from kindergarten to Grade 12. Math Overboard! is ideally suited for self-study by students (especially those planning to enter college or university), parents, educators, and other interested adults. Every standard topic is completely covered, with easy-to-understand explanations. Math Overboard! places equal emphasis on computational skills and overall comprehension of math. Frequent Problems support learning.


Unique Features of Math Overboard!


1. Reviews (in 2 volumes) all of school math, from Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry, to Trigonometry and Statistics.
2. Emphasizes full understanding and algorithmic skills equally.
3. Can be used in many ways, from checking up on a single topic (like vectors) to reviewing a whole subject area (like Algebra).
4. Perfect for re-learning school math.
5. Includes frequent advice on learning math and avoiding errors.
6. Contains numerous Problems to develop skills and improve understanding.
7. Discusses dozens of real-world applications of math to Science, Technology, Economics and Finance. 

Math Overboard! – Part 1: Contents

Chapter 1 Addition and Multiplication 

1.1 The decimal system for whole numbers
1.2 Addition of whole numbers
1.3 Multiplication of whole numbers
1.4 Binary arithmetic
1.5 Decimal-point numbers
1.6 Scientific notation
1.7 The rules of arithmetic
1.8 The number line
1.9 How to learn mathematics
1.10 Review problems 

Chapter 2 Subtraction and Division

2.1 Subtraction
2.2 Multiplication
2.3 Division and fractions
2.4 The real number system
2.5 Review problems 

Chapter 3 Using Elementary Mathematics

3.1 Calculator math
3.2 Per cent
3.3 Areas
3.4 Scale effects
3.5 Proportionality
3.6 Speed and distance
3.7 Units of measurement and their conversion
3.8 Review problems 

Chapter 4 Algebra

4.1 Exponents
4.2 Exponential growth and compound interest
4.3 Operations with fractions
4.4 Polynomial algebra
4.5 Linear and quadratic equations
4.6 Inequalities
4.7 The binomial theorem
4.8 Fractional exponents
4.9 More about polynomials
4.10 Review problems 

Chapter 5 Euclidean Plane Geometry

5.1 Lines and angles
5.2 Triangles
5.3 Similarity and congruence
5.4 Solving a right triangle using trigonometry
5.5 Isosceles triangles
5.6 Circles and arcs
5.7 The scientific calculator
5.8 Area of a circle
5.9 Review problems 

Chapter 6 Analytic Geometry

6.1 The rectangular coordinate system
6.2 Straight lines
6.3 Circles
6.4 Transformations
6.5 Conic sections
6.6 Review problems 

Chapter 7 Functions and Graphs

7.1 Sets
7.2 Functions
7.3 The graph of a function
7.4 Inverse functions
7.5 Graphing sums and products
7.6 Polynomial calculus
7.7 Numerical solution of equations
7.8 Interpolation
7.9 Review problems 

Solutions to Review Problems

Diagnostic Test

Common Errors 

Greek Alphabet

Mathematical Symbols