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Re-learning Math with Math Overboard!

Re-learning Math

Millions of people could benefit from re-learning the math that they were taught in school. For example, you may wish to prepare for college courses in Science, Economics, or other fields. Or you may just feel frustrated that you never really understood math at school.

Two possible methods for re-learning math are:

  1. Search the web using keyword phrases like “basic math,” “understanding math,” and so on.
  2. Obtain a book.

But where should you start? And what book? There are thousands of web sites and many books.

The Khan Academy

Web searching will probably lead you to the Khan Academy, a fantastic site (sponsored in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Under “Mathematics,” the Khan Academy has over 1,200 excellent, free videos covering all topics from school math. The videos are great, but you might have to view the whole lot of them, and go through the associated Problem sets,  to re-learn math. The videos are aimed at beginning students who have never seen the math before, so they’re very time-consuming. Is there some way to choose just those videos you need?

Math Books

A math book may be a better way to go. But should you buy 12 books, one for each grade? Or a separate Algebra text, Geometry text, Trigonometry text, and so on? Most of these are school texts, written for kids. Is there a single book that reviews all of Basic Math, addressed to adults, not children?

Math Overboard!

My recent book Math Overboard! (Basic Math for Adults) is designed precisely for this purpose. It covers andexplains all of school math, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, in an understandable fashion. For example, why can’t you divide by zero? Why is it true that a(b+c) = ab + ac? Why is the sum of the angles in a triangle equal to 180 degrees? Why is the quadratic equation valid? What is a logarithm? What is a probability? And so on. The book is readable by students, parents, and anyone interested in re-learning, or improving their understanding of basic math.

Math Overboard! consists of two volumes:

Part 1: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Functions and Graphs. (Published November, 2012; 444 pages. Price if ordered from the website (includes 20% discount from retail price), $24.00.)

Part 2: Trigonometry, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Complex Numbers, Statistics and Probability, Advanced Topics. (Expected publication date June, 2013.)

Your Re-learning Strategy

Re-learning math is not going to be easy. It will be necessary to concentrate, and to really try hard to understand why formulas and theorems are valid. Work hard on solving the given Problems (before looking up the solutions!).

  1. Combine your intensive study of Math Overboard! with occasional videos from the Khan Academy, when you need more elaborate help with unfamiliar or confusing topics.
  2. Follow the advice in Math Overboard! for learning math, and avoiding errors.
  3. Retain Math Overboard! as an indispensable reference for use in later math courses.


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